Meet Our Color Coordinator!

October 19, 2015 1 Comment

From time to time, we want to introduce you to the people of Adorable Essentials, so that you can get to know the faces behind the names.  

We thought we would start by introducing a person you may not know about unless you are part of our B/S/T group.  If you are part of the group, you may know her as Adelyn Ruby Grace.  In real life, her name is Ashley, and she is the Color Coordinator for Adorable Essentials, as well as an Administrator for our B/S/T group.  

What do we mean by Color Coordinator?  Ashley has put together photo albums in our B/S/T group of literally hundreds of matches between Adorable Essentials and various boutique lines.  Many are photos that she has taken herself.  Others are photos she has compiled from other members who are willing to share.  She also answers questions in our B/S/T group about AE colors that could match a boutique piece and gives information about sizing.  It's a great resource for people who are new to AE and need to find a match for a favorite item.  

But, who is Ashley?  Well, today, we would like to introduce her to you!

Ashley, it's great to talk to you tonight.  Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed.  Why don't we start by having you tell us a little bit about you, your family, where you live, that sort of thing...

Well, i have always lived in north Alabama. My husband is a hardworking man that I adore very much. Our daughter, Adelyn, just turned 5 years old. She is very silly and she likes to cheerlead. 

How did you become interested in boutique-style clothing?

My best friend, Miranda, is all to blame! She dressed her daughter in Matilda Jane and other cute boutique brands, and after seeing it all, I started buying too!

What attracted you to the clothes?

The fun patterns and styles. They were so girly and unique!

How did you find Adorable Essentials?

About a year and a half ago, I believe I heard Adorable Essentials mentioned on some Matilda Jane resale groups I was a member of. I began following AE on Facebook, and the rest is history!  I was thrilled to get shorties and ruffles to go with our boutique brands for an affordable price!

And, how did you go from being a customer to managing the B/S/T board and being Color Coordinator?

Well, I made my first purchase last spring for AE's new "seamist" color. I had to have it to match a new Matilda Jane dress I had just purchased.  Around the same time, a B/S/T group was created for AE.  After we received that first pair of shorts,I, of course, had to try it on Addie and share pics  with everyone!  From there, I ordered more colors, and I enjoyed showing people what the colors matched.  I really like to be helpful to people.  In fact, before I became an administrator, I found myself trolling the group throughout the day, just to help someone with a color match or sizing help. Eventually, after getting to know Tammy, she asked if I would like to help as an administrator for the group, and add my matches and combos to the albums there!  I was thrilled to be a part of something I enjoyed with a company I was enthusiastic about.


You have such a great eye for color and put together great matches--do you enjoy putting things together in other parts of your life, or is it primarily Addie's wardrobe?

It definitely started with Addie's wardrobe!  I, like most mothers, neglected my own fashion needs for a while but i have become quite into fashion myself in the past year, and I love to accessorize with vests, jewelry, and over pieces!  It's nice to put some of the creative thought into my own clothing, too!  I recently have also been enjoying redecorating for myself and for my mother-in-law! I'm a little obsessed with photo collage walls!

What are some of your other hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to shop and have lunch with friends in my free time.  In the summer, my family goes canoeing and we really enjoy it!

What about Addie? Does she like having her picture taken all the time?

Sometimes... some days, I have to bribe her with popsicles; other days, she's happy to try on cute outfits and pose for me!

What does she enjoy doing?

She loves to play and dress up with our dog, Julie. She will come into the living room (both of them dressed up) and put on song and dance performances for me! She is really enjoying cheerleading this year, and she is about to start taking tumbling classes, which she is excited about! She's very social and loves to make friends and play!

Thanks, Ashley, for sharing a bit about you and about Addie.  

You're welcome.  It was fun!

Now that you've had a chance to meet Ashley and her adorable daughter, Addie, you can see more of them by joining our Adorable Essentials B/S/T page.  You might even browse the albums and find a new favorite match!




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August 19, 2016

Hi! Would the Wine shorties match the new MJ As You Wish tunic? If not, what do you recommend. I need a size 8 so something in stock. Thanks!

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