Announcing our Newest AE Brand Reps!

September 14, 2015 1 Comment

The wait is finally over.  Adorable Essentials has chosen new Brand Reps.  We've also asked some of our best performing Brand Reps to stay.  And we would like to introduce them to you!  These darling little girls and their moms (primarily, although we've had some photos taken by the dads) do a great job of showing how to style AE products, and each of them do it in their own, unique way.  We look forward to sharing some of the looks that they put together!

So, here we go...


First up is Ansley Claire!  Ansley is our youngest Brand Rep at 17 months old, and is nicknamed Fancy Ansley.  Her mom, Katie, describes her as a spunky, feisty, FANCY little diva who lights up any room she is in with her sweet grin.  Ansley loves everything pink, purple, ruffly or sparkly, as a true diva should!  Katie tells us that Ansley shows their family God's love and grace all day, everyday, and she sees His image reflected when she looks at sweet Ansley.  This girl will steal your heart every time she graces your screen!   

Next up, we have Abigail.  Abigail is a sweet, two-year old little girl with a smile that will charm you in a second!  This little girl loves exploring the world around her, and we can't wait to show her adventures while wearing her AE.  If you are not yet following her mom, Sara, on Pinterest, I highly recommend that you do.  She posts some amazing outfits.  Sara tells us that Abigail likes to play outside, paint, watch princess movies, and dance.  We are willing to bet that Abigail has some great moves and can't wait to see this little Princess twirling in her AE this fall!


Savannah is our next Brand Rep.  She is 22 months old, and has a big sister, Haylie, who is 7 and can also occasionally be seen wearing AE!  Big sister, Haylie, is quite the dancer, in addition to cheer and pom, and mom, Amanda tells us that Savannah, who loves to do everything her sister does, has now started to dance as well!  Savannah loves her baby dolls!  The family also loves vacationing to places such as Disney World and Cedar Point, and camping together!  We look forward to seeing Savannah, Haylie, and maybe even some of those dolls in the coming months and vicariously enjoying their many family adventures!


 Three year-old Jessa is described by her mom, Leah, as sweet, independent and strong-willed.  Her independent spirit shines through in her photos! Leah is a budding gymnast and can be seen doing handstands and other amazing feats with her gymnastics instructors.  She also enjoys singing and playing outside.  She likes Doc McStuffins, mermaids and Disney princesses.  This darling girl is sure to wow us with styles fit only for a princess with great determination.


 Three, soon-to-be four year-old Ivy, is a girly-girl, full of sass and spunk!  Mom, Ellen, tells us that Ivy is sweet and soft-spoken, but also knows exactly what she wants and is not afraid to say so!  She is already choosing her own outfits, and has a great sense of style.  Her favorite color is pink, and she loves choosing sparkly, twirly outfits with big bows.  Some of her favorite things include Disney princesses, My Little Ponies and being a good mommy to her baby dolls.  Ivy is very close with her big brother, Braxton.  Perhaps, we will see an occasional sweet photo of the two of them!  She currently attends Mother's Day Out and is taking ballet.  We look forward to seeing Ivy's sparkly, twirly style shine-through for AE this fall.



London is a 4 year-old cutie!  She loves to draw, paint and play dress-up.  According to mom, Jennifer, she is quite the talker, and also enjoys bossing her big brother around!  (What little sister doesn't?)  Her favorite foods are carrots, celery, grilled chicken and glazed donuts!  Yum!  My favorite thing to note about London are her career aspirations.  She hopes to one day be an artist or a princess with a "fluffy gown."  We look forward to seeing London's style, as only an artistic princess with leadership skills can show us!  


Mabrey and Henley are our twin 4 year-old Brand Reps, and are no strangers to AE.  They are often seen modeling various AE looks at their front door!  The girls love the outdoors, especially boating and swimming in the summertime.  They both have a great time attending preschool, and when at home, have fun playing babies and aggravating their older brother, a pastime enjoyed by many generations of younger sisters.  Mom, Jessa tells us that the girls truly adore all things fashion and ask as soon as they get dressed for the day to have their picture taken at the front door.  You will enjoy seeing all of the wonderful ways these adorable, willing models style their AE.



Meet 5 year-old Maddie!  Maddie has just started Kindergarten this year, and is also involved in dance, gymnastics, soccer and golf!  Maddie has amazing career aspirations, as she would like to be either a rock star or a golfer when she grows up!  We would suggest that she pursue both.  Maddie has a cat, Charlie, who often shows up in photographs with her.  We are excited to see how AE fits the lifestyle of a future rock star/golfer and also can't wait to meet Charlie!


If you have been following AE, you can't forget sweet Londyn's face.  She was part of our fall photo-shoot and now is ready to try her hand as a Brand Rep!  Londyn is a five year-old kindergartner, who has many diverse interests, including such things as riding four-wheelers, playing dress-up, going to the zoo to learn about animals, doing puzzles and smiling, which is self-evident anytime you see her photos.  Mom, Dacia, tells us that each new person Londyn meets becomes her "new best friend."  This sweet girl also has two older brothers, Dylan and Bryson, whom she calls her "boys."  Londyn has already shown interest in styling her AE in her own way, so stay tuned for the impressive sense of style maintained by this little girl! 


 Ellie is our third 5 year-old Kindergartener!  Ellie is Japanese, and has family still in Japan, which means occasional trips that take 24 hours, door-to-door.  During the crazy travel, mom, Maiko tells us that AE is truly essential, because Ellie can be both comfortable and fashionable due to the sweet styles and soft, comfy fabrics!  Ellie is also a competitive dancer.  She dances three days per week and attends approximately 5 dance competitions per year in locations ranging from Kentucky to Florida.  When not traveling around the country or the world, Ellie loves school, playing with her friends, singing and dancing, drawing, story time and stuffed animals.  We look forward to seeing Ellie's AE style, both at home and on-the-go!

We are so thankful to have each of these sweet girls be a part of the Adorable Essentials family!  Because of our many styles and colors, each of these little ladies will be able to show us a look that is truly their own. We will be sharing many of those looks with you, so if you don't already, Please follow us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Pinterest.  We hope to give you many ideas to get your creative juices flowing, so that you and your little girl can create your own Adorable Essentials look!









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August 20, 2016

Do you have any Canadian brand reps? We’d love to join the team up here in BC and spread the love in our little corner of the planet! ;)

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