10 Reasons To Buy “Adorable AE”

10 Reasons To Buy “Adorable AE”
A = Adorable
Of course, any acronym for AE would start with A=adorable! No matter what pieces you choose, your little one will be adorable in their AE. From ruffle pants to angel tanks, from playground princesses to ruby dresses, AE has it all covered. Your little girl will feel like a princess every time she wears her AE!
D = Dedicated
You can’t talk about a company like AE without mentioning their dedication. They truly believe in what they do, and they are dedicated to their customers. What a community this company has started! When I see how these ladies come together, from the AE staff to the brand reps to the Facebook admins, it amazes me the passion that erupts in everyone as they support this brand. From a small in-home business to a bustling company in a large warehouse, all involved have dedicated themselves to the brand, the customers and the community.
O = Options
The AE options are endless – seriously! Need layering pieces? Got it! Need entire ruffle outfits? Got it! Need dresses for that picture perfect moment? Handled! Need boy essentials so brothers don’t feel left out? Done! Or do you need the perfect outfits for your Disney Princess? Got that too! With the colors and style options, the possibilities are endless!
R = Richness
Have you seen all the AE colors? Rich is the only word to describe them! From deep tones like wine and eggplant to subtle hues like seamist and mint, the color always looks rich and fresh even after countless washes! The fabric is top notch.
A = Affordable
Want cute clothes that won’t break the bank? Look no further than AE! Moms, you don’t have to spend a fortune to put together the cutest outfits for your little girl. Just a few staple pieces and you can create all kinds of matches with anything from boutique brands to store bought brands. Don’t go broke – go to AE!
B = Beautiful
Ok yes, AE clothes are beautiful, but you know what else? The company is beautiful for teaming up with causes like Changing The Face of Beauty! How awesome is it to have AE models and reps who represent the beauty in everyone! They show us that anyone can do anything if they try...and one little smile can change the world.
L = Lickety-Split
This, of course, refers to their lickety-split shipping! I don’t know about you, but I have no patience (hee hee)! I want it fast! With AE, I can always depend on getting my items quickly and hey, that free shipping ain’t bad either!
E = Extra Comfy
Comfy doesn’t even begin to describe these clothes! I am totally jealous of all the little girl pieces because honestly, they are as comfy as PJ’s! My little one loves to wear all of her AE pieces because they don’t scratch her, bug her or hurt her. For kiddos with sensory issues, they are perfect. And comfy doesn’t have to mean boring! There’s nothing boring about ruffles and bows! (Why yes, AE has bows too...and necklaces, and socks, and headbands...but I digress!)
A = Adaptable
Have I told you how many colors AE offers? There are over 29 colors offered in the layering essentials and trust me, they match everything! I don’t think I’ve found anything that doesn’t have a match! AE can adapt to anything. Want perfect ruffles to match your Matilda Jane, Eleanor Rose, KPea and other boutique brands? Look no further! Want cute ruffles to spruce up that t-shirt? Got ‘em! And to top it off they have an awesome Facebook page to help you with all of your matching needs! Admins and Brand Rep mommas are ready and waiting to help you find that perfect match. Oh and don’t forget all the albums with matches that are already there for you to look through immediately! Talk about service!
E – Exceptional Quality
What can I say, these fabrics are not only comfy, but they are also thick and durable. I’ve tried other brands, and the quality just doesn’t compare. We want to WEAR our clothes and not worry about playing in them. With AE, we can do just that!

By Lindsay Spencer (Brand Rep)