Sweet Spot

July 26, 2017

I am a mom of two- Gideon who is 9 and Sylvia who will be 7 in less than a month, yes she is constantly reminding me how close her birthday is :-).  I can say I am in the "Sweet Spot"  of rearing children, they tell me when I am hungry and can entertain themselves. They still love to snuggle and I am still their best friend.  Attitudes are minor at this age and they forget mistakes we make and forgive easily without holding grudges. 

Our summers are usually crazy and we are those "bad" parents that refuse to take vacations during the busy seasons so we tend to take a Spring and Fall vacation during the school year, my children are at the age that missing school for a week will not harm their education. We do manage to squeeze in a couple weekends away during the summer at one of our favorite getaways, www.innsbrook.com its a resort that takes a less than an hour to get there and a place my children loves to go, who doesn't love a great pool and lake, our family loves to kayak so this is a great place to do that and the views are amazing.  

This week I have had mommy guilt - owning and running a business is never easy.  The rewards are amazing but the hours are painful and my family is the one that sacrifices the most. I am always amazed by people who say they want to start a business so they can have more time. yeah right!   This summer it seems I have been home less, so yesterday I took the afternoon off and the whole time they kept asking when Emma (our nanny) was going to be back.  Some days you win and some you dont! LOL.  

Last night Josh asked me what is my stress reliever, he plays xbox with G or they go on long bike rides, 3-4 hour bike rides.  I sat there and tried thinking what do I do to relieve stress and I said I love decorating my home.  My all time favorite stores are HomeGoods and Pottery Barn. I told him this and he started laughing and said our house is decorated maybe that is why you have been stressed out. It is so true, thanks to the new PB outlet my house is done! So I am looking for a new hobby, what is yours ??  






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