Meet Ms. Olivia

February 29, 2016

We are honored to introduce our latest member of the Adorable Essential's family! Please meet Ms. Olivia "Livy" 

Age 5

Favorite Food: Yogurt (with Chocolate minis), Tacos and salsa, smoothies

Favorite colors  Blue and red

 She loves playing with her four sisters and puppy, Jack. She LOVES to dance, twirl, run,swim and play outside.  Olivia is high energy, loves to play, and meet new friends. She is very inquisitive and loves to learn about all things "medical".

 Olivia had an autoimmune response to a common virus when she was four months old.  She was in the Pediatric ICU at St Louis Children's hospital for five weeks and had aneurysms throughout her body as a result of the autoimmune disease.  She lost blood flow to her extremities during this time resulting in the amputation of both hands and part of her right foot.  Her team of doctors were absolutely amazing, and the families prayers were answered when eventually the disease became controlled and the aneurysms healed.  

 She is still seen/monitored at St. Louis Children's Hospital. Her Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Charles Goldfarb, got her involved with a team at Washington University that is working on designing prosthetic that are printed on a 3D printer. They are doing absolutely amazing work, and Livvy has loved being a part of the process.

Olivia absolutely loves Holy Childhood School where she currently attends Pre-school. She does not let her physical differences stop her.  She always come up with "Liv's special way" of accomplishing tasks. She will try anything and loves to have fun!  She even brought in her "robot" hand and a poster about the process for "H" week at school. She was so excited that took the poster around to every class in the school. 

Olivia had an absolutely fabulous time modeling for Adorable Essentials.  When I asked her what was her favorite part she said "smiling for the camera wearing the pretty clothes",  "I love the ruffles" she said.  

We are very excited for her to be a part of"Changing the Face of Beauty" with us.   She is a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart, and she brings joy to all those around her. We feel blessed that she is part of this campaign and our modeling family.  


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