Great Day St. Louis--What A Day!

September 03, 2015

It has been an exciting week in AE land!  We've made some improvements to the website.  (Yay, colors!)  We're working on making some further improvements.  We've added some new staff.  (Hi, that's me!)  And we've been on television.  Yep, television. 

In case you missed it, Adorable Essentials was featured this morning on Great Day St. Louis.  Tammy had the opportunity to share about Changing the Face of Beauty and why Adorable Essentials is a part of this amazing movement.  She also got to share about why she started Adorable Essentials...namely all of those wonderful essentials we know and love in all the colors of the rainbow!  And then, there were the models.  These little ladies did a great job of showing off a few of AE's fall looks.  It was a fun and exciting morning, and we want to share a little bit of it with you!

First, there was the wait to be escorted into the KMOV studios by the sweet Associate Producer of the show, Patti Skiljan.  We got to walk through the newsroom into the studio space.  It was exciting to see all of the people hard at work, checking on their stories and all of the monitors showing everything going on at KMOV at the time.

Then, it was time to get the five girls ready.  Hair to curl.  Outfits to put on.  Shoes, hairbows and other accessories to put in place.  The girls were really patient and did exactly what they were told to do.  We were so proud of how grown-up 5 little girls between the ages of 3 and 5 were able to be.  Even the producers and personalities on the show commented on how well-behaved these little girls were.

Once the girls were ready, it was time to wait...and wait...and wait some more.  Good thing these girls were comfortable making themselves at home! I love looking at these images and seeing their little personalities shine through:  Henley, Harper, Mabrey, Sylvie and Amelia.  So much joy, energy and excitement in one room!

Tammy, Heather and I took a deep breath, got ourselves together, and it was time to go!

Then, it was time for Patti to get Tammy ready.  Game face on--she's got this!

There was such a great rapport between Tammy and Claire Kellett.  It was almost as if they were friends just talking about something important to them both.  I was so impressed with how nice the personalities at KMOV were.  All three were friendly and kind, but Claire especially got to know the girls and really worked hard to help tell the story that Tammy came to tell.

After Tammy spoke from the heart, it was time for the girls to shine.  What I loved most is that they weren't "perfect."  They were twirling and swishing their dresses around.  They were smiling and yawning and giving quizzical looks, trying to figure out everything that was happening.  Harper ended up needing to sit with Mommy.  They weren't statues--they were little girls!  Heart-melting, adorable, sweet little girls.  

And, as most things end when Harper is involved, our time ended with a hug for Claire Kellett...

Which led to an avalanche of hugs...

Which led to the girls making a new friend. 

Check out the entire segment:

Thank you to Fresh Art Photography for the beautiful images provided in the clip!





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